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Backing up your companies data online is part and parcel of having a IT lead company or business, the idea of losing all of your clients data if there was a technical issue or disaster recovery situation leaves many business owners with only one choice.

Data Backup Services UK

As important to actually backing up the data is the ability to effectively restore the data when needed, this is often a process which is overlooked in a company disaster recovery plan. To be able to get back to full operating functionality a company requires all there day to day data restored asap, this may be as little as hours before the recovery situation threatens the companys existance.

Many businesses have not tested their disaster recovery, backup and restore systems to evaluate its effectiveness and improve this pro-actively, this is often the reason why so many businesses and large companies fail to survive in the event of a disaster recovery situation.

How Do i Backup My Data Online?

The answer is quite simple, unless you have your own servers and backup servers in secure off-site areas then you need a dedicated provider like DRS or Oncore IT. Both have added security measures on top of the standard, including dedicated servers, proven restore servers not to mention their first class all round IT backup and support services.

Oncore IT are largely based in London and offer a tailored IT approach, where as DRS have complete server security for the larger companies needs.

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Why is it important to back up company data?

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